About the Program

Direction: Economics

Qualification/academic degree: Bachelor of Economics)

Number of credits: 240 ECTS

Program duration: 4 years, 8 semesters (one semester – 30 credits, duration of the semester including the class period – 20 weeks)

Language of instruction:  English

Preconditions for admission to educational program:

  • Any person who has a relevant state certificate or an equivalent document on full completion of a secondary education can become a student of the bachelor program.
  • Certificate on successfully passing of the Unified National Examinations. On National Examinations, the candidates are required to prove themselved in the following competences:
    •    English language, minimum level of competence: 65%+1
    •    General skills, minimum level of competence: 40%+1
    •    4th exam - math. minimum level of competence: 50%+1
    •    Georgian language and literature: minimum level of competence set by the Unified National Examinations.
  • Foreign country citizens will be admitted according to the following regulation: “Decree of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Decree №224/n, dated December 29, 2011, on approving the rule of submitting the documents to the higher educational institution by the bachelor/master candidates/students who have the right to study without passing the Unified National Examinations/Unified Master Examinations and on reviewing these documents. Those candidates whose native language is not English, will be required to present a certificate of English language competence with the minimum level of B1.

Program head:  Nodar Khaduri
Program co-head: Eric Livny
Program co-head:  Lasha Labadze

Study plan: see appendix 1
Information of human resources: see appendix 2
Syllabus: see appendix 3

Bachelor program is conducted in English language. It is designed according to the international standards. On the first stage of the program, the bachelors will learn basics of general and professional courses, as well as, English language. On the second stage of the program, the obtained knowledge is further reinforced and at the third stage, the knowledge is deepened. At the third stage, the bachelors will be able to apply in practice the knowledge obtained and prepare themselves for the future career advances.

The elective courses offered to the bachelors are highly demanded on domestic as well as on foreign job market. Hence, the bachelor program will prepare highly qualified professionals, who will be successfully employed in public, as well as private sector, the will also have an opportunity to continue their studies on the next level.

Consists of 4 study years, 8 semesters. According to the Georgia’s law on Higher Education, for completing the program, the student needs 240 ECTS (1 credit equals to 25 hours, which covers classes (contact), as well as independent work. The duration of the semester is 20 weeks, from which 15 are study weeks, 2 weeks (7th and 13th) are devoted to midterm examinations, and 19-20th weeks are session weeks (final, additional examination).

240 ECTS, which are obligatory for obtaining the academic degree of bachelor, is broken down in the following way:
160  ECTS – mandatory courses;
35 ECTS – elective courses;
20 ECTS  - free credits;
25 ECTS – course paper (15 ECTS -  research/applied project; 10 ECTS – professional internship).

See Bachelor Project and Paper/Report and Internship Concepts attached.

The goal of the educational program

The aim of the program is to prepare students for successful academic and practical careers in Economics in Georgia and abroad. To achieve this goal the program combines theoretical education offered in English language following the best standards set by leading institutions/programs worldwide and strong practical training through a variety of practical and technical activities built into the curriculum.

Our main goal is to prepare effective practitioners in the field of Economics, who will meet a wide array of requirements of the local and international jobs. The program is designed to help students to develop strong analytical skills, to become independent thinkers and efficient decision makers, to learn learning and adapting their knowledge to the changing environment. More specifically, the program goals are:

  • To give students a solid academic background in Economics
  • To provide students with strong analytical/decision making and research skills
  • To give students a relevant knowledge that they can effectively apply in practice
  • To prepare students for further advancement of their professional background through study (including self-study) and work

The program enables the students to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to work in the field of economy and to develop into the competitive professional on international market.

Evaluation of Student knowledge
It is not allowed to evaluated the results of the student studies only once – by final examination. Student evaluation should be based on:
a)    midterm evaluations
b)    final examination evaluation.

The overall evaluation of the student is based on sum of the evaluations received in midterm and final examinations.
A student is allowed to take final examination if they have accumulated 51 points in midterm exams, including the maximum points of final exam.
The student is allowed to retake the exam in the same semester if the student gets (FX) Marginal Fail – 41-50% of the maximum points.
The period between the final exam and the additional exam should be no less than 10 calendar days.

Fields of employment

A special attention is paid to helping students find a job after completition of the bachelor program, supporting their successful career on labor market and/or academic field.
In the last year of studies, the employement orientation session is offered to students (is not obligatory). At the session students are given advice on optimal career choice and employment potential.

The graduates of bachelor program will be employed in public (National Bank of Georgia, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and Social Protection, Competition Agency, National Statistics Office, State Audit Office, State Energy System, etc.), also in private sector (commercial banks, international organizations, etc).
Opportunity of learning continuation

Tthe graduate of bachelor program is allowed to continue studies on master degree in economics or linked fields, which target at preparing next level professionals. In addition, ISET will greately help students oriented on academic activities in continuing studies locally or abroad. ISET master program has already accrued the best experience in supporting students to get admitted to the world’s outstanding doctoral and master programs.


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