International Faculty Committee

Paul A. Wachtel (Chair)
Leonard N. Stern School of Business,
New York University

Anders Olofsgård
Professor of Economics,
Stockholm School of Economics

Muhammad Asali
Academic Director, ISET

Jean-Frédéric Paulsen
Chairman of the ISET Governing Board
Owner and Managing Director of Willington LLC

Michael Beenstock
Pinhas Sapir Professor of Economics,
the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Motty Perry
Senior Academic Adviser, ISET;
Professor of Economics, University of Warwick, UK

Randal Filer
Professor of Economics,
Hunter College and the Graduate Center,
City University of New York

Avner Shaked
Professor of Economics, Bonn University

Jan Hanousek
Full Professor at CERGE-EI

Robert Tchaidze
Chair of Policy Expert Committee

Daniel Levy
Bar Ilan University, Israel

Karine Torosyan
Professor of Economics, ISET

Eric Livny
President, ISET & ISET Policy Institute

Jochen Zimmermann
Faculty of Business Studies and Economics,
University of Bremen

Igor Livshits
Professor of Economics,
the University of Western Ontario























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