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Andrei Sarychev

Andrei Sarychev

Visiting Faculty

Andrei Victor Sarychev holds Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He taught at the University of British Columbia, Canada and London School of Economics. Having joined the UK financial sector regulator in 2010, Andrei devised the scenario design framework for use in the UK stress-testing. After becoming a Lead Modeller at the Bank of England, he developed a broad variety of analytical models for use in forecasting, policy analysis, and risk assessment. His research interests lie in system-wide modelling of micro and macro data, vine-copula framework, and factor models. Andrei has been a member of the Bank for International Settlements Research Task Force, a deputy editor of the UNDP bulletin “Development and Transition”, and has co-written a University of London study guide.


16, Zandukeli St,
0108 Tbilisi,

Telephone: (+995 32) 250 71 77