10 Reasons to Study at ISET

1. International Faculty


ISET's faculty is truly international, with faculty members from the US, Germany, Italy, Israel and other countries. All faculty members hold PhDs from leading Western universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University and Columbia University.

During your time at ISET, you will meet professors such as Florian Biermann, a German national with a PhD from Hebrew University. He specializes in Game Theory and Matching Theory, and as other faculty members, publishes his research in international journals and presents at international conferences. Learn More...

2. International Visitors


International visitors are an integral part of the ISET MA program. Visiting faculty from the world’s leading universities teach courses, supervise student research and support students in their applications to PhD programs abroad.

One of our regular visitors, Motty Perry, is an esteemed professor at the University of Warwick and  Hebrew University. A PhD graduate of Princeton University, Motty Perry has a distinguished career and has held positions at the University of Chicago, Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. He is a fellow of the Econometric Society, and with publications in leading economics journals, is a world-leading expert on Game Theory and Mechanism Design. He visits ISET several times a year, teaches a course, advises students and supports their applications to PhD programs abroad. Learn More...

3. Job Placements


Throughout the two years of study at ISET, faculty and administration help students with the nuts and bolts of securing jobs.  Many students go on to accept fulltime positions with the institutions where they completed internships. Additionally, many students make contacts with potential employers via ISET seminars and public lectures and go on to receive job offers from these organizations. Some of the top students stay on at ISET as research fellows at the ISET Policy Institute. Our graduates are placed in leading positions in the public and private sector in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Learn More...

4. PhD Placements


Our best and brightest graduates go on to pursue Ph.D. programs at top universities in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. ISET graduates can be found in PhD programs at Stanford University, New York University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, McGill University and the Toulouse School of Economics, among others. Coursework and research projects at ISET prepare students for demanding PhD programs. Additionally, ISET faculty and visitors actively support applications by providing letters of reference, preparatory training for GRE and TOEFL exams and by directly recommending particularly strong candidates to the admission commitees of PhD programs. Learn More...


5. Student Life


Being a part of ISET is not only about studying in a reputable school and achieving personal goals in the pursuit of a better future - but about understanding our role in a society as a whole, and the importance of giving back and caring about the common good. ISET students often get engaged in activities ranging from collection of donated clothing for refugee camps, to cleaning up and planting trees in national parks, rehabilitating tourist routes in nature reserves and taking pleasure spending time in nature. Learn More...


6. Generous Scholarships


Thanks to the generosity of our international donors of the school, we are able to provide students with various types of scholarships. The best students of ISET receive Future Leader Scholarships that cover tuition and provide living stipends. Other Scholarships are also available that partially cover tuition and living stipends. Students from outside Georgia are provided with living space in a shared, ISET rented apartment. Special scholarships are available for all students from Armenia and Azerbaijan in good standing. These special scholarship allow students to study tuition free. Learn More...


7. Internships


In the summer, between the first and second year of study, ISET students participate in Internships in the public and private sectors at institutions such as The World Bank, government ministries, international organizations and central banks. 

Exceptional first-year students are eligible to apply for a 3 month internship with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. Learn More...



8. Donors


ISET has the generous support of international donors and governments, which provide a strong financial backing that guarantees the continuity of the school.

Our donors include  BP, CERGE-EI Foundation, the Governments of Georgia and Germany, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OSI, Sida, USAID and the World Bank. Other international donors such as the Volkswagen Foundation, USAID or the Asian Development Bank support research projects implemented at the ISET Policy Institute. Learn More...



9. Modern Facilities


ISET has modern facilities including a library, computer labs and a student lounge. The ISET library is based on the private library by Princeton University Professor Robert E. Kuenne, whose late wife donated the library to ISET. The library offers a large collection of modern English language textbooks, online databases for journals and statistical data and modern reading rooms. Our classrooms are equipped with modern instructional equipment, and wireless network is available throughout the building. Learn More...


10. Research and ISET-PI


ISET faculty and students are involved in cutting edge research, published in international journals and presented at international conferences, in all areas of economics from Game Theory and Labor Economics to International Trade. Both faculty and researchers at the ISET Policy Institute are active in applied research projects related to the economic policy questions faced by the countries of the South Caucasus. Students actively participate in research, as research assistants or research fellows in projects, or independently when completing their master thesis under the supervision of a faculty member or visiting faculty. Learn More...

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