ISET conducts research in-house by means of ISET faculty and students who have access to international and regional data sets, scholarly journals (including all major electronic collections), textbooks and monographs that are part of our library extensive library collection.

In-house research at ISET takes the following two forms:

Academic research. ISET is involved in research which serves the purpose of advancing scientific inquiry in economics. Faculty research is published in ISET's Working Paper Series and professional journals.

Student research. ISET students are required to take part in a year-long research workshop and write a Master's thesis or Literature Critique as part of the second year program of study at ISET. The best student theses are available online.

ISET Policy Institute

In May 2011, ISET established a research center  ISET Policy Institute to provide policy research and training, and contribute to the public policy debate in the South Caucasus region.

Building on ISET’s record of academic excellence and rigor, ISET-PI focuses on such critical areas as: monetary and fiscal policies; trade policy and economic integration; institutional reforms; competition and regulation policy; development of the energy sector; rural and agricultural development; education and health sector reforms.

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