Macroeconomic Policy Concentration

The Concentration in Macroeconomics aims to provide students with both theoretical and policy background in a range of fields in macroeconomics. This concentration is appropriate for students with an ambition to build a career in either domestic or international economic policy institutions such as the National Bank of Georgia, IMF, World Bank. The concentration is also appropriate for PhD track students who are interested in pursuing doctoral research in development, economic growth, macroeconomic policy or related fields.

Students who have successfully completed the first-year of studies are eligible to apply for the concentration.

In order to complete the concentration, the students must take the following two core elective courses in their second year.

Open Economy Macroeconomics
Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics

and at least one methods course from the following list:

Time Series I
Financial Econometrics
Introduction to Financial Engineering
Program Evaluation
Advanced Econometrics

Recommended courses for the concentration:
Family Macroeconomics

Students are not obliged to write their Literature Critique or a Masters' Thesis in the field of macroeconomics. However, the students are required to attend the seminars and workshops related to concentration.

The students in the macroeconomics concentration must complete all the requirements mentioned above in order to be able to graduate.

Please write to the concentration coordinator Yaroslava Babych at if you have any questions

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