Private Sector Development Concentration

The concentration in Private Sector Development Concentration (PSD) aims to provide ISET students with expertise in theoretical and applied economics in the fields of industrial organization, growth and development, and financial accounting. Students who complete the concentration will be able to understand and analyze factors that foster opportunities for entrepreneurship and job creation, access to finance, and competitive markets.

Students from any country who successfully complete the first year of studies at ISET are eligible to participate in the concentration.

About the Concentration

Students are required to take and pass all the four core courses from the following list:

  • Industrial Organization
  • Development Economics
  • Economic Growth
  • Financial Accounting Principles

Students are also required to take one methodology course from the following list:

  • Advanced Econometrics
  • Program Evaluation

Students accepted into the concentration are required to complete a summer internship or a summer reading project—reading and writing a review about a concentration-related literature or book, to be approved by the concentration coordinator.

Finally, students will have to write a Literature Critique, or a Master's Thesis related to the concentration. Students are also required to attend any seminars, workshops, or excursions related to the concentration.

Students accepted to the concentration will not graduate until they satisfy all the requirements of the concentration: summer reading/internship, and passing the required courses.

Please direct any questions to the concentration coordinator, Sophiko Skhirtladze, at

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