For ISET graduates, unemployment is something only experienced on the pages of their research. From a total of 287 ISET graduates, with the exception of those studying abroad, all are currently employed. Moreover, they all hold professional positions that utilize the skills and knowledge they acquired at ISET.

Top Employers of ISETers

National Bank of Georgia employs more than a dozen of ISET graduates, the majority of whom were initially placed at the Bank as interns. Zviad Zedginidze (Class of 2008) heads The Macroeconomic Research Division and Davit Utiashvili (Class of 2009) heads The Financial Risks & Macroprudential Policy Division.

PMCG – Policy and Management Consulting Group is another large employer of ISET alumni. Two of our graduates are top-level managers: Lasha Meskhia (Class of 2008) holds the position of Business Development Director and Maya Grigolia (Class 2008) is the Research Director.
State Audit Office of Georgia employs thirteen ISETers. Davit Shavgulidze (Class of 2013) heads the IT Audit Department and Tsotne Karkashadze (Class of 2013) is the Head of the State Budget Analysis Department.
National Statistics Office of Georgiais one of the largest employers of ISET graduates. Two of our alumni are managing divisions. Vasil Tsakadze (Class of 2008) is the Head of the Agricultural and Environmental Statistics Division and Levan Karsaulidze (Class of 2009) heads the Price Statistics Division.


Nino Shanshiashvili

Nino is an Economic Analyst at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London, UK: “My time spent at ISET was fantastic and exciting, giving me many great memories. The decision to join the school was definitely one of the best choices I ever made. The ISET community provides tremendous support to the members of its big family and this support becomes even more encouraging after graduation. Having gone through difficult times at ISET makes you confident in your ability to overcome future challenges and proves that hard work and dedication always lead to success.”


To date five ISET graduates has defended their doctoral dissertations and received an economics PhD degree:

  • Anastasiya Shchepetova, PhD, Toulouse School of Economics (France)
  • Sophiko Skhirtladze, PhD, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy)
  • Salome Baslandze, PhD, University of Pennsylvania (USA)
  • Zurab Abramishvili, PhD, CERGE-EI (Czech Republic)
  • Teimuraz Gogsadze, PhD, University of Leicester (UK)

Thirty-four ISET graduates are currently enrolled in PhD programs in the United States and Western Europe, all receiving full scholarships and stipends. ISET graduates can currently be found at the following institutions: University of Chicago, New York University, California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Southern Methodist University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Leicester, University of Warwick and McGill University, among others.

Davit Tsirekidze

Davit Tsirekidze, valedictorian of the ISET Class of 2011, arrived in California in August 2011 to join one of the most prestigious economics PhD programs in the world at Stanford University. In his graduation speech, Dato recalled the trip he made two years earlier, from Kutaisi to Tbilisi.
"I paid 10 Lari for a train ticket to attend the Open House day at ISET. For this modest price, I got three other tickets, as a bonus: to attend Open House days in Stanford, the California Institute of Technology and New York University. For me, ISET was a great investment indeed - my Kutaisi-Tbilisi train ticket became a ticket to life".


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