Giorgi Nozadze

Giorgi NozadzeISET is happy to announce that Giorgi Nozadze was promoted to a new position at the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia (MoA). Giorgi graduated from ISET with the class of 2011. He started his professional career working in the risk management department of a commercial bank. In the summer of 2012 he was employed by the National Statistics Office of Georgia (GeoStat) as a database analyst. His cooperation with MoA started in January 2014 as a chief specialist in the Policy and Analysis Department. After a successful year of work, he was promoted to the head of the Statistics and Analysis Division and now he performs his duties equipped with the deep knowledge and experience.

Giorgi’s department works to define development policies and action plans for Georgia’s agricultural sector. According to the ongoing processes within the Ministry, the department conducts research and evaluates results of planned investments in the agriculture sector, and also supports agriculture-related projects, information provisions, assessments, analyses, and preparation of recommendations. The department’s duties also include identifying problems in the field of agriculture and drawing up relevant recommendations. The Department provides agricultural financial issues analysis, export – import analysis to protect local production, tariffs, an analysis of import-export procedures and recommendations.

As the director of the Statistics and Analysis Division under the Policy and Analysis Department at MoA, Georgi is looking forward to offering valuable contributions to the field and to the Georgian government. The division itself is responsible for the various databases administration, research planning and implementation and analytical reporting. Staff management and supervising is the direct duty of Mr. Nozadze among others.

ISET is proud of all of its graduates, and we hope that more and more ISETers will reach new levels in their careers.


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