First Year Courses Lecturers
English 1 Emma Pratt ; Soyoung Kwon 
Probability Theory Zurab Abramishvili 
Calculus 1 Zaza Tevdoradze 
Principles of Microeconomics Teimuraz Gogsadze 
Computer Literacy Irakli Gabriadze ; Rezo Beradze 
Elect 1: Mathematical Logic Levan Uridia 
Elect 2: Topics in Economics Giorgi Bakradze 
 Second Year Courses Lecturers
English 3 Edward Hargreaves
Econometrics 1 Zurab Abramishvili 
Mathematics for Economists 1 Tornike Kadeishvili
Microeconomics 1 Teimuraz Gogsadze 
Macroeconomics 1 Mariam Kharaishvili
Elect 5: Introduction to Machine Learning Mikheil Nadareishvili
Elect 6: Law and Economics George Papava
 Third Year Courses Lecturers
Political Economy Sophiko Skhirtladze
Labour Economics Muhammad Asali
Money and Banking Shalva Mkhatvrishvili
International Finance Yasya Babych
Advanced Econometrics Karine Torosyan
Elect 9: Circular Economy Levan Pavlenishvili
Elect 10: Game Theory Quji Bichia

Bachelor degree students are requested to make Administrative and Academic registrations in a specific period of time.   

Administrative registrations means signing a contract and paying the tuition fee. Students can pay tuition into two parts: the first part is to be paid within the administrative registration deadline, the second part - before final exams.

Academic Registrations means choosing relevant courses by means of electronic system LMS. Academic registration is possible only after administrative registration is made. As soon as the academic registration starts, the electronic system opens. Students can select courses from any computer connected to the Internet.

Registrations dates for first year students:

Administrative registrations and contract signing: September 2-9.

Academic registration: September 9-16.

Registrations for Fall semester:

 Administrative registrations: August 1 - September 15.

Academic registrations: September 9-16.


In the week of September 9-14, first-year BA students are invited to join an intensive prep-course titled ‘Fundamental Principles of Economics’ delivered by William Appleman.In the week of September 9-14, first-year BA students are invited to join an intensive prep-course titled ‘Fundamental Principles of Economics’ delivered by William Appleman.

While the course is elective and not graded, it is HIGHLY recommended that students attend. The course concentrates on certain core economic concepts that will lay a practical economic foundation to help students tie together much of the more abstract, mathematically-intensive coursework that awaits them over the next few years.

Course topics:

Principles of Economics:

  • Key economic terms
  • Fundamental economic concepts
  • International trade (concepts, practicalities, and effects)
  • How to think and analyze any policy like an economist

Experimental Economics

  • Participation in a real economic experiment
  • Introduction to experimental and behavioral economics, some literature review, discussion/Q&A, and guidance for the interested 

IMPORTANT: Registered students will be divided into two groups. Each first-year student will be notified via cell phone (sms) about the details, including the start time/classroom number.

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16, Zandukeli St,
0108 Tbilisi,

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