ISET Admission Exam Quiz 2011
Questions Reading Passage I

a). because
b). on
c). in
d). for
a). a first
b). an first
c). first
d). the first
a). of
b). off
c). for
d). at

a). away
b). close
c). near
d). towards
a). would read
b). read
c). have read
d). will read
a). in
b). to
c). for
d). by

a). defines
b). will be defined
c). is defined
d). has defined
a). important
b). a important
c). an important
d). the important
a). test
b). a test
c). an test
d). the test

a). On the other hand
b). On other hand
c). By the other hand
d). By other hand
a). should
b). would
c). did
d). may
a). at a one point
b). at some point
c). at another point
d). at other point

a). less
b). one
c). second
d). at least
a). from
b). of
c). on
d). about
a). thus
b). so
c). too
d). such as

a). have to
b). must
c). can
d). should
a). private
b). own
c). personal
d). herself
a). backwards
b). downwards
c). towards
d). forwards

a). to foster
b). to attribute
c). to undermine
d). to attenuate
a). for
b). of
c). on
d). by
a). internalize
b). vocalize
c). inchoate
d). delineate

a). grew
b). having grown
c). growing
d). had grown
a). toward
b). between
c). for
d). of
a). previous
b). following
c). next
d). extra

a). to impede
b). to placate
c). to recant
d). to inculcate
a). experiencing
b). experienced
c). will experience
d). had experienced
a). much
b). such
c). this
d). the

a). deal with
b). abrogate
c). fight for
d). accompany
a). clearly
b). themselves
c). whoever
d). who
a). few
b). a few
c). fewer
d). less

Questions Reading Passage II

31. The text mainly focuses on which of the following?
a). Myxomatosis and its impact on the population of rabbits in Australia
b). Australia's ecological niche being occupied by wallabies and rabbits
c). The expansion of rabbits beyond the "rabbit-proof fences"
d). The introduction of rabbits to Australia and its consequences

32. The author's main purpose in writing this text is to
a). examine the difference between rabbits and wallabies
b). argue that rabbits are dangerous for the population of Australia
c). discuss the introduction of rabbits to Australia as an example of evolution in action
d). explain the impact of myxomatosis

33. Which of the following can be inferred from the text?
a). Hunting, trapping, and poisoning helped significantly decrease the population of rabbits in Australia
b). Rabbits are not native to Australia
c). Myxomatosis is deadly for humans
d). Wallabies became extinct after the introduction of rabbits to Australia

34. According to the text, which of the following is true about the expanding population of rabbits in Australia?
a). The rabbit population in Australia caused the extinction of the indigenous wallabies
b). The first wild rabbits were imported to Australia from Germany
c). The number of rabbits had quadrupled between 1859 and 1907
d). In 1907 the rabbits had reached the west and the east coasts of Australia

35. According to the text, what inevitably happened to the myxomatosis disease?
a). The myxomatosis disease was designed to naturally mutate
b). The myxomatosis virus evolved into a less severe disease
c). The myxomatosis disease started to target stronger rabbits
d). The more virulent strains of the disease spread quicker than the less virulent once

36. Enormous as used in the text means the same as which of the following words?
a). prodigal
b). precursory
c). gargantuan
d). evident

37. Take hold as used in the text means the same as which of the following words?
a). spread
b). snatch
c). disappear
d). seize

Questions Reading Passage III

38. It can be inferred from the text that the author believes that ...
a). cyclical ends to business expansion are normal
b). luxury goods such as jewelry are unaffected by industrial expansion
c). the creation of new products is essential for prosperity
d). when consumers lose their confidence in the market, a recession follows

39. Which of the following is most likely to be the topic of the next paragraph?
a). Inflation
b). Union demands
c). Another phase of the business cycle
d). Industrial expansion

40. According to the text, what are the two stages of the expansion phase?
a). Investment and diffusion
b). Recovery and investment
c). Employment and prosperity
d). Recovery and prosperity

41. As discussed in the text (line 4), which of the following statements is the best example of the optimism as part of the expansion phase?
a). Industrial firms allocate money for the purchase of machine tools
b). The prices of agricultural commodities are increased at the producer level
c). Public funds are designated for the construction of new highways designed to stimulate tourism
d). Full employment is achieved at all levels of the economy

42. Various as used in the text means the same as which of the following words?
a). unprecedented
b). strange
c). perennial
d). copious

43. Apparent as used in the text means the same as which of the following words?
a). gregarious
b). fledgling
c). perceptible
d). agreeable

Questions Reading Passage IV

44. The author's primary purpose in the text is to ...
a). trace the historical rise and decline of third party movements in the U.S.
b). explain why most U.S. third party movements have failed to gain major party status
c). argue for the necessity to change the U.S. political system
d). demonstrate the non-ideological character of U.S. politics

45. According to the text, the major factor responsible for the rise of third parties in the U.S. has been the ...
a). slow response of major parties to new issues and voting groups
b). exclusion of immigrants and minorities from the mainstream politics
c). religious differences between various fragments of the population
d). the need for economic interests to establish themselves in politics

46. Why does the author mention the Republican Party in the text?
a). To contrast its political platform with that of the Democratic Party
b). To argue against its political platform
c). To give an example of a national major party that originated from a third party
d). To explain the reasons for its decline

47. According to the text, all of the following are true about the Democratic Party, EXCEPT
a). It was previously known as the Whigs Party
b). It appropriated the agrarian reform of the Populist Party
c). It drew support from northern Black urban voters
d). It enacted welfare proposals in the 1930s

48. Which of the following can be inferred from the text?
a). Historically, third parties found it difficult to establish themselves in the U.S. political system
b). The U.S. political system heavily relies on the presence of third parties on the national level
c). The American people automatically dislike third parties
d). Third parties appeared in the U.S. politics only in the 20th century

49. Appropriated as used in the text means the same as which of the following words?
a). hijacked
b). acknowledged
c). acknowledged
d). suited

50. Ephemeral as used in the text means the same as which of the following words?
a). imperative
b). mendacious
c). essential
d). temporary

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