ISET Alumni Association is an independent, non-commercial legal entity, established in 2016. It unites graduates of the ISET MA program through voluntary membership activities and benefits. The Association’s objective is to establish a strong, friendly, and professional relationship between the alumni of ISET program, to ensure mutual support in employment between the old and new generations of ISET alumni. The Association can engage in entrepreneurial activities and use the income from these activities to support Association goals. The Association is managed by a Board consisting of elected representatives from each class of the ISET MA program.

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In 2015, on the initiative of the Alumni Association, an annual football tournament dedicated to the memory of Nika Vibliani was established. Nika, one of ISET's most distinguished students, tragically lost his life in June 2015. The tournament is called “Vibla’s Cup,” and Nika’s family has been fully supportive of holding the tournament in memory of their late son. The first tournament was held in September 2015, and the winning team was made up of 2011 graduates, led by Vano Pirveli. The championship cup of the tournament was handed to Nika’s sister. The Alumni Association held the tournament in September 2016 for the second time. This time, the winning team was made up of 2015 graduates, led by Giorgi Khomeriki. The tournament connects every generation of ISET graduates, as each year participates with a team (8 teams took part in each of the two tournaments). Such a tradition will certainly guarantees solid, strong bonds of friendship between different generations of ISET. The tournament will continue to be held into the future, and the number of participating teams will increase along with new generations of ISET students.

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From a total of 287 ISET graduates, with the exception of those studying abroad, all are currently employed. Moreover, they all occupy professional positions that utilize the skills and knowledge they acquired at ISET. To date five ISET graduates has defended their doctoral dissertations and received an economics PhD degree. Thirty-four ISET graduates are currently enrolled in PhD programs in the United States and Western Europe, all receiving full scholarships and stipends.

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Class 2008
1.    Abashidze George
2.    Abramishvili Vazha
3.    Baratashvili Bakari
4.    Bregadze George
5.    Chitanava Maka
6.    Chochua Lasha
7.    Danyarov Ramin
8.    Ebanoidze Anna
9.    Eroyants Karine
10.    Gabrichidze Rati
11.    Gasparyan Nelli
12.    Gorgadze Mariam
13.    Grigolia Maya
14.    Gvetadze Salome
15.    Karimov Khagani
16.    Khabeishvili Tamar
17.    Labadze Lasha
18.    Lomadze Revaz
19.    Mamisashvili Nazi
20.    Meskhia Lasha
21.    Modebadze Grigol
22.    Nabili Jalil
23.    Ninua Irakli
24.    Olgesashvili Nino
25.    Papava George
26.    Revia Aleksandre
27.    Sakhokia George
28.    Shchepetova Anastasia
29.    Skhirtladze Sophiko
30.    Tsakadze Vasil
31.    Tsereteli Bekar
32.    Zedginidze Zviad
Class 2009
Class 2010
Class 2011
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