Tuition & Financial Aid

Education is the most important investments you ever make. What’s the return on your tuition payments? Employers hire our graduates because they trust in the quality of education ISET provides.  As long as you have a good academic record and show plenty of potential, here are scholarships available for you.

FREE PREPARATION: all students accepted into the Master's program will be invited to study in the intensive prep course - the Math Camp (one week in August) 


  • For Georgian students: USD 3,000 / year (who pass Unified Masters Exam organized by NAEC).
  • For Georgia’s Public Servants: The tuition fee for applicants currently working in the public sector of Georgia is USD 1,500 / year.
  • For students from regions of Georgia: USD 2,400 / year (those who possess BA degree from regional universities). 
  • Special conditions for ISET BA graduates: USD 1,500 / year.
  • Students from Armenia and Azerbaijan: USD 2, 000 / year. 
  • For other international students: USD 4,000 / year.  

Note 1: Students receiving Georgian government grants may apply them toward the cost of tuition at ISET. 

Note 2: If you are international student, once you receive an admission letter, you must make a non-refundable tuition deposit in amount of 1,000 USD. This amount counts towards your tuition payment.

FINANCIAL AID: Table below shows how financial aid (tuition waivers) are set at each performance level for both years of study

GPA Rank Merit-based Scholarships
1st 80%
2nd 70%
3rd 60%
4th 50%
5th 40%

Important notes:

(1) The “Rank,” for first-year tuition determination, will be based on the performance in the first mini-term at ISET. For the second-year tuition determination, the ranking will be based on the cumulative GPA of the first-year.  

(2) Merit-based Scholarships will be awarded to top 5 students in the class

(3) Georgian students succeeding to receive state grants based on the National Examination scores will further reduce their tuition obligation.

(4) Subject ratios apply to all tuition types respectively, i.e. % of $3.000 for Georgian students; % of $2.000 for Armenian and Azerbaijani students; % of $4.000 for international students; etc.

Merit and Need-Based Financial Aid

Government Grants
Students receiving Georgian government grants may apply them toward the cost of tuition at ISET. Number of students receiving Georgian government grants in the class of 2023 is 3 and in the class of 2024 is 8.

Teaching Assistantship
Second-year students of the MA Program benefit from paid teaching assistantships, where they serve as teaching assistants (TA) to the professors in first-year courses. Roughly every year ISET offers about 30 TA positions.

Ivlita Jibuti and Mariam Kutelia Stipend for the Best Improver
This memorial stipend was established in honor of ISET students Ivlita Jibuti and Mariam Kutelia, who became victims of the catastrophic flooding in Tbilisi on June 13th 2015. These beloved students were exemplary in improving their academic performance.


One stipend in the amount of USD 200, is awarded to the first year student of ISET, who improve their GPA the most. The improvement is measured by the change in GPA between the 2nd and the 3rd mini-term.

The stipend covers the student’s tuition fee. All first year students are automatically considered for the stipend.

A student is not eligible for this stipend if s/he is receiving support in any other form (merit-based scholarship, tuition waiver, etc.).

PMCG Need Based Scholarships

The Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG), an international development consulting company, primarily focused on transitional and developing countries, a friend company and a partner of ISET, is offering partial need-based scholarship to one or more ISET students.



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