My undergraduate diploma is not in Economics. Can I apply?

Yes, a background in economics is not required. Indeed, Economics is useful across a wide range of human endeavors. So, we welcome individuals with training in other disciplines.


My English is not perfect. Can I apply?

If you are accepted into the Masters program, you will have some language instruction in the first year of studies, and we also will give you some suggestions on how to prepare before you arrive at ISET. But before you enter you should have sufficient command of English to be able to read challenging texts, understand lectures, and express your ideas. The Masters program will be demanding, and you will be expected to read a great deal of English-language scientific literature, right from the beginning. If you are determined to participate, use the time you have now to improve your English before the entrance examinations.


I have a certificate in English. Must I take the English exam?

Yes, you must take all exams, including English. Of course, if you have any internationally recognized certificate, you should be able to pass our English exam as well.


Is this Master's program a good investment for me?

Education may be one of the most important investments you make. If you are interested in economics and are willing to work hard, this program offers excellent career preparation. Employers value the rigorous analysis and clarity of thought that economics develops. Essentially, this program will open up many opportunities to its graduates. Competent economists are needed to help solve problems in virtually all types of organizations. Economists typically work in banks, medium and large private companies, think tanks, and universities, but also in ministries and national and international organizations.


What experience do the lecturers bring?

All faculty in the School have a diverse and extensive experience. All courses will be taught by individuals holding PhDs in Economics from prestigious Western universities, such as Columbia University, Oregon State University, University of Minnesota, George Washington University, ETH Zurich, University of Bologna, CERGE-EI, London School of Economics, University of Lund, among others.


How do I apply?

Look at the Apply Now! Look through the relevant application material and study it closely, and keep to the deadline! If you really want to participate in the program, make sure you invest sufficient time in preparing your application and in preparing for entrance examinations. Detailed instructions are available in the application materials.


The ISET is an international school. Are there any quotas for the specific countries?

The ISET is indeed an international school, located in Tbilisi. We are eager to have a large number of good students from all over the world, however there are some quotas: Georgian students - 50, and international students - 15. For South Caucasus applicants, the entry examinations will take place at the same day and time in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. For the international applicants exams will be conducted online.


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