ISET signs Memorandum of Understanding with CENN

Friday, 09 October 2020 19:32

ISET signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CENN that entails the renewal of the institute's course in circular economics and the organisation of various activities and development opportunities. The ISET Circular Economics Course was introduced for the first time at the undergraduate level in 2019 with the support of CENN and the USAID-funded project, Waste Management Technology in the Regions, in collaboration with Dr. Hans Wiesmeth, professor at the Technical University of Dresden. This year the course will be updated, with newly-added entrepreneurial aspects and contributions by various environmental experts.

"The main goal of the memorandum is to promote the education and development of a sustainable and inclusive future,” said Nana Janashia, CENN's Executive Director. "CENN is pleased to contribute to the introduction of the Circular Economics course and to the promotion of this topic among young people.”

"Circular economics is one of the most important issues in the field, without which the sustainable development of countries cannot be possible, so the training of circular economics has become an important element of the ISET curriculum,” said Tamar Sulukhia, ISET's Director. "This course, combined with other key knowledge and skills that future economists will master at ISET, will enable them to work on key economic issues and participate in local and global development decisions.”

CENN is one of the most prolific non-governmental organisations working with environmental issues in the South Caucasus, and is committed to combating climate change, ensuring the sustainable management of resources, building and developing healthy and prosperous climate resilient communities, and empowering women and girls to participate in creating inclusive solutions. With representation across the South Caucasus, CENN assists businesses, governments and communities in improving their relationship with the environment.”


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