Wednesday, 12 April 2023 08:45

ISET Hosts German Ambassador to Georgia

On April 12th, ISET hosted the German ambassador to Georgia, HE Peter Fischer. The event was attended by ISET students and researchers, and the focus of the presentation was Georgia's path to the European Union.

During the presentation, Ambassador Fischer examined the potential benefits of Georgia attaining EU candidate status and discussed the course of action that the country must take to reach this objective.

The ambassador also discussed the economic benefits that come with EU membership, including increased trade and investment opportunities, access to EU funding, and the ability to participate fully in the EU's single market.

The event was an opportunity for ISET students and researchers to engage with a high-level diplomat and gain insights into Georgia's relationship with the EU. It also highlighted the importance of continued dialogue and cooperation between Georgia and its European partners as the country works towards its goal of EU integration.

The presentation was a valuable contribution to the ongoing discussion about Georgia's path to the European Union and the steps that must be taken to achieve this important objective.

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