On 24 October, Tamar Sulukhia, Director of ISET’s Policy Institute, participated in a panel discussion at an event hosted by the United Nations. This discussion covered numerous critical topics, such as creating decent jobs within the inclusive labor market, the importance of ensuring effective decentralization, etc.

The panel discussion was a part of an event, “From Economic Growth to Universal Prosperity: Post-Sustainable Development Goals Summit and Vision for the Future”, organized by the UN to celebrate United Nations Day on 24 October.

The discussions included in the event covered the various economic and social issues associated with decentralization at the national and local levels and the key aspects of maintaining decent jobs and an inclusive labor market.

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Wednesday, 18 October 2023 00:00

ISET Director speaks at World Bank Event

On 18 October, Tamar Sulukhia, Director of the ISET Policy Institute, took part in a panel discussion dedicated to the launch of the Systemic Country Diagnostic (SCD) Update for Georgia during an event organized by the World Bank. The report, entitled “Georgia: Keeping the Reform Momentum”, provides a comprehensive analysis of the developmental challenges and opportunities that the country requires to accelerate progress toward a reduction in poverty alongside shared prosperity in a sustainable manner.

At the event, the panel speakers discussed topics including increasing labor force participation; improving access to finance, digitalization, and innovation; investing in energy efficiency; supporting renewable energy development; and enhancing the enforcement and predictability of laws and regulations.

The study itself was developed based on consultations with various representatives from the Georgian government, the private sector, development partners, civil society organizations, and academia.

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On 18 May, representatives from the ISET Policy Institute visited Kutaisi International University to introduce ISET Policy Institute’s core activities, products and ongoing projects to students and university staff.

The meeting was opened by Tamar Sulukhia, Director of ISET and ISET Policy Institute. Ms. Sulukhia introduced Policy Institute, its goals and objectives and presented core products, regular indexes and projects.

ISET-PI lead economist Yaroslava Babych focused on current developments and spoke about impacts Ukraine’s invasion will have on Georgia.

During the final part of the meeting ISET Policy Institute’s senior researcher, Ana Burduli introduced university representatives to the Reformeter, a platform for assessing economic reforms, supported by the USAID Economic Governance Program. Ana discussed the target reforms, each assessed, reported, and published by the Reformeter team.

The event concluded with Q&A and discussion where participants emphasized ISET's current projects and research activities.

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ISET Policy Institute is an active member of the CAREC Think Tank Network. This year, the fifth CAREC Think Tank Development Forum, held on November 23-24, gathered leaders from the CAREC Institute, Asian Development Bank, other international organizations, leading regional think tanks, experts, alongside various academics to discuss economic corridors as drivers of fiscal growth and regional integration. One of the core forum sessions, which mapped the role of think tanks and knowledge platforms in the development of these economic corridors, was moderated by Tamar Sulukhia, ISET Policy Institute Director. This meeting focused on examining knowledge exchanges and the development of knowledge platforms for regional research and policy dialogue, drawing on the exceptional expertise of think tank networks, including the role of the CAREC-led CTTN and South-South Exchange, while also contextualizing new global challenges and innovations.

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