Finance Program Faculty

Levan Efremidze

Levan Efremidze

Dr. Levan Efremidze has a PhD in Economics from Claremont Graduate University and has a bachelor's degree in economics and industrial engineering from Tbilisi State University. Dr. Levan joined the faculty of Graziadio Business School in 2011. Previously he served on the faculties and did research at Claremont Graduate University, UCLA Anderson School, and Pomona College. Currently, he teaches graduate-level courses in stock investments and portfolio management. He has previously taught econometrics, financial economics, behavioral finance, and risk management courses to graduate students. As an economist at the UCLA Anderson Forecast, he did econometric modeling and forecasting for U.S., California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco economies. Dr. Efremidze has published articles on financial crises, twin deficits, business cycle forecasting, sudden stops, currency crises, experimental asset price bubbles, testosterone and generosity, and has working papers on biotech stocks, global imbalances, and flat tax reforms. He is a recipient of the Benjamin Franklin and Edmund Muskie fellowships (under the Fulbright Scholarship program).


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