ISET hires three graduates, who will begin work in ISET Policy Institute

Wednesday, 09 September 2020 08:43

ISET is very proud of the fact that every single one of its students has walked into meaningful employment after graduation, but it is both pleasing and special when ISET graduates are hired to work for the institute itself. Their contributions and efforts help inspire the next generations, as well as continue to drive the ISET Policy Institute's research.

From September, the Policy Institute will be employing a further three ISETers, all of whom graduated as part of the Class of 2020. Among these is valedictorian Guram Lobzhanidze, who will now work as a Junior Researcher for the Energy and Environment Policy Research Center (EEPRC). Guram has a particularly diverse educational background, having attended university in both Georgia and China, and studied International Relations, Economics, and the Chinese language. Before beginning his role for Policy Institute, Guram taught first-year Master's degree students in both microeconomics and econometrics.

The Governance and Social Policy Research Center, meanwhile, will be joined by Elene Seturidze. Elene has previously worked as an intern at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia at the department of foreign trade, and during her MA studies, she held the post of student expert at the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. Elene is not a stranger to ISET-PI, since in 2019 she had an internship with the Governance and Social Policy Research Center, and in 2020 worked as a research assistant for a project at Colliers International.

Shota Natenadze has a particular interest in statistics, and will be helping the research team as a whole with his expertise in Modern Data Analysis (which was also the focus of his MA thesis). His Bachelor's degree from Tbilisi State University specialized in Quantitative Economics, another interest he continues to maintain.

ISET is very glad that these three graduates have chosen to remain as active participants of the institute's community, and wishes them every success in returning as staff members.


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